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[edit] Introductions

Or called Threadworms. There are several species of Capillaria that occur in poultry. Capillaria annulata and Capillaria contorta occur in the crop and throat. These may cause thickening and an inflammation of the mucosa.

The life cycle of this parasite is very direct. The adult worms can get embedded in the lining of the intestine. The eggs are laid and passed out through the droppings. Following embryonation that takes six to eight days, the eggs are infective to any other poultry that may eat them. The most severe damage occurs within two weeks of infection. The parasites frequently produce very bad inflammation and sometimes can cause hemorrhage. Erosion of the intestinal lining may be very extensive and result in death of the bird. These parasites may become a severe problem in deep litter houses. Reduced chicken growth and egg production and fertility may result from heavy infections.

[edit] Symptoms

Decreased egg production; pale yolks; poor hatchability.

[edit] Treatment

Since treatment for capillaria does not always happen effectively, control is best achieved by preventive measures. Some medicine, fed at low levels, may be of value in reducing the level of infection on problem farms.

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